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If you're Japanese and Korean cuisine lover, come here. Here you will be able to taste good spicy salmon rolls, tuna and nigiri. Being at this restaurant, order tasty green tea ice cream, pancakes and yogurt. You will be offered delicious soju, draft beer or wine. It's a must while visiting Izakaya Yoki to taste great iced green tea or good coffee. At this place, you can order dishes as a takeout. Most reviewers have noticed that the staff is energetic at this place. Fair prices are what you will pay for your meal. When inside, the atmosphere is homey.
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One of the Most Popular Sushi Spots in San Francisco
Located between Nob Hill and Belden Place, this comprehensive Japanese restaurant does many things well. The corn tempura, a sweet corn and walnut fritter served with spicy mayo, is outrageously tasty, and sushi devotees will also appreciate rolls like the Shrimp Rush, full of shrimp tempura, crab salad, ebi, avocado, wasabi mayo, tobiko, and sweet sauce.
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We provide best and fresh quality foods. We also gives you required signature dishes.

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Food plays an important role in celebrations. Sights, smells, and tastes work together to create memories and bring us closer together.

Your favorite individual entrees, appetizers, desserts and beverages ready to enjoy anywhere.

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